Dr. Joachim Mabula


Joachim Mabula is a public health professional, entrepreneur, and wellness advocate with extensive experience in the health sector, having worked in the public & private sector as well as a health journalist, data analyst, and project manager. He is also a Health Promotion Champion; through a hashtag #ElimikaWikiendi on Twitter, he always discusses health issues that most people experience in their lives and equips them with the knowledge on how to tackle them including how they can protect themselves from various diseases and infections.

Every Saturday, his session reaches 1 million people from different places. He is verified on Twitter with more than 315,000 followers and actively use the platform to share and bring awareness on issues revolving around maternal health, child development, and adolescence. He also uses other social media networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, where all of them have more than 60,000 followers. He has leveraged technology to found Tiba Fasta, which is a public health-based startup that is bridging the gap between the public and healthcare providers and hence improving people’s health and well-being.

His initiative is working on SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. World Health Organization (WHO) has promulgated a desirable doctor–population ratio as 1:1,000. Over 44% of WHO Member States reported less than one physician per 1,000 population. According to the World Health Organization, the Tanzanian doctor-to-patient ratio stands at 1 doctor for every 20,000 patients.

Due to the challenge of insufficient medical practitioners in Tanzania, his service has been widely impacting thousands of people. He has reached more than 1,000,000 women and 700,000 men who have given feedback and asked questions about maternal health via social media networks and local newspapers.