Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affect over 1.7 billion people globally. Over a billion of those people are children. The effects of NTDs are devastating and can last a lifetime, yet many people in the world remain unaware of these diseases, much less the support that those who live with them and those who work to end them need.

In 2020, Youth Combating NTDs was launched to gather young people from across the world who are willing to fight against NTDs. Our work so far, and particularly the Global Storytelling Festival, has shown the power and need of a collective voice in generating demand for change in the NTDs space. We want to make this collective voice even stronger.

Our Work

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Calling on all young people who are affected by or work in the NTDs space, we invite you to share your testimonies about your experiences with NTDs. By amplifying your voice, we hope to:


Sensitize the world to the realities of these diseases and how they affect people


Spotlight those who are doing important work and making a positive impact in this space


Strengthen the call to our global leaders to prioritize ending NTDs for good

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