Nilesh Jambhekar


Nilesh Jambhekar is a 29 year old physician from the U.S.A. He received hid B.A in Cell Biology and Neuroscience,and his M.D. from Rutgers Medical School. He served as a Humanism fellow for the Healthcare Foundation Center for Humanism and Medicine at the New Jersey Medical School and was a recipient of the prestigious James Dickson Carr Scholarship.

He has completed his first year of training in Mayo Clinic’s Residency program in Rochester, Minnesota. He is presently a candidate for a Master in Public Health at the University of Missouri, where he will continue his service as a resident physician.

His experiences as a first generation immigrant, health care worker, and his personal and professional experiences with mental health education within the sphere of healthcare has shaped his passion to use his position to help make education more inclusive. He strongly believes that the path to a better future is through the intersection of policy, medicine, and education- to eventually address some of the larger issues that impact our youth.

He hopes to use his experiences to shed light on the role of stronger global health mechanisms, stronger racial/economic policy and inclusive education can have in addressing systemic issues within healthcare and the way in which tropical diseases are addressed globally.