Stephan Dyer

Comedian, TEDx Speaker and Speaking Coach

Originally from Costa Rica, Stephan Dyer is a banker-turned-comedian with 600-plus shows in eight countries, including Peru, Mexico, and Malaysia. In 2017, after becoming one of the youngest senior managers at Scotiabank Toronto, he quit his lucrative bank job to pursue his professional career in stand-up comedy. Since then, he has been on Comedy Central, Second City, TEDx, and some of the world’s largest comedy festivals! He is the co-founder of @malpensando, an award-winning bilingual public speaking and comedy school in Toronto, Canada that has empowered +10,000 professionals to become funny, confident speakers. In February 2021, Stephan was featured on the cover of Toastmaster Magazine, the largest public speaking magazine in the world, distributed to over 364,000 members across 143 countries. For more info, follow @stephandyer everywhere!