Nomaza Nongqunga Coupez

Founder, Undiscovered Canvass

Nomaza is an advocate for the representation of culture through Arts and the creative industry. She highlights the significance of culture as a vehicle to educate, empower, and give economic freedom to young persons despite colour or background. As a South African based in France, Nomaza promotes African artists to promote cross-cultural understanding and improve the economic position of African artists and help young artists gain visibility on the European market. She is the founder of the company Undiscover Canvass which promotes African artists in France. In 2017, Nomaza was appointed by French President Emmanuel Macron to serve on the Conseil Presidential
pour Afrique (CPA). Nomaza launched the 1st art residency by a South African woman on the French Riviera, the residency program inspires young African artists through learning about French culture and living in France and enables productive collaborations between French artists and young African artists.