Efe Johnson


Social Entrepreneur & Spoken Word Poet

Efe Johnson is a social Entrepreneur and spoken word poet. She runs “Xari Africa” a child/Teen mentoring organization aimed at solving global issues through education, in line with the SDGs.

Though blessed with a range of artistic gifts and talents,Efe describes herself in one word as a “creative” she expresses her creativity through writing, speaking, presenting and spoken word poetry. Efe’s single goal is to leave the world (and everyone in it) better than she met it. She is extremely passionate about Art and media, The girl child and Humanity.

What inspired you to enter the World NTD Day Story telling competition?

Not so long ago, I received an email urging me to speak up for NTDs, as a member of the global changemakers community. This was my first time hearing about the term — As a curious individual, I spent all night reading about stories of survivors and victims and learning all I could about it. Surely, a few of these diseases were not new to me, as I live in Africa where some of them are prevalent. But the collective term “NTDs” was definitely new to me.

After my discovery, I had made up my mind to add theNTDs to the list of ways I’d like to make a change in the world, a few days later, The Story telling competition was announced and it felt like a sign that I was on the rightpath. I entered as a show of readiness to lend my voice to positive change.

Why does fighting NTDs matter to you?

This is a new found cause to pour my passion for humanity into. This matters to me because I realized that I have been guilty of what We should all be fighting against—Negligence, and this is me saying not anymore.

How do you intend on continuing the fight against NTDs after this competition?

I run a social enterprise using education to curb societal issues—After the competition, I look forward to adding the NTDs to our list of issues to fight through education,this may include publishing a book or material that explains this to children.

What would be your request to your country’s leaders regarding fighting NTDs?

To pay more attention—It really will make a huge difference.

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